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About Atomy Company

Atomy is a network marketing company that is showing steady growth of 30~40% by distributing high quality cosmetics and health products at low prices since its foundation in 2009.
Total global sales reached US$714 million in 2015 and this figure is expected increase further in 2016.
The total number of members around the world has surpassed 3 million, further establishing Atomy as a global corporation. The miraculous return rate has allowed Atomy to become an industry benchmark.
Starting with USA in 2010, followed by Japan, Canada, Taiwan, and Singapore, Atomy's overseas sales reached about $88 million in 2015, and new branches are expected to open in Cambodia, Phillipines, and Malaysia in 2016.
The global expansion is expected to even reach South America, further fulfilling the management objective to become a global distribution hub.

The secret to Atomy's high speed growth is the masstige strategy, which preaches absolute quality and absolute price.
Masstige is Atomy's product philosophy to provide absolute quality products at absolute prices that cannot be matched by others.
Absolute price is created by 'razorblade management' which gets rid of distribution bubbles through direct member sales and minimizing the company's operation expenses.
Hemohim and the Skincare 6 System, developed by KAERI, have eached taken the top position in their respective areas in Korea, while also gaining recognition as global products around the world.
Also, 1 Atomy toothbrush was sold every second, and a total of 20 million were sold in 2015. Atomy's strategy of devotion to fundamentals has proven time and again to be the answer.
The company runs and supports its own seminars, which allows the success of any member regardless of which line or sponsor the member is under.
Super-synergy of united heart instead of competition between leaders! Atomy was able to complete a system that promotes success through unity and coalition

There are 3 main parts to Atomy Culture, which preaches balanced life and customer success as a principle.
First, principle centered culture. Atomy emphasizes following the the principles of network marketing and staying true to the pledges between company and customers.
Second, culture of accompanied growth. Atomy supports cooperative companies so they can do their best to maintain the best quality so customers can get top quality products at affordable prices. This is the result of of the virtual circle of accompanied growth.
Third, culture of sharing. Atomy emphasizes a life of sharing to employees and members with the hope to create a society in which people become the center.

These types of culture in Atomy allows it to be an honest, transparent, and pure company, as the chief executives take social responsibility and try to create a company that can be a role model in society.
We hope Atomy can become the life partner that leads to your success.
Going beyond customer happiness. Fulfilling customer success.

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